Autumn Swap

I’ve not finished crafting my current item, so I thought I would share a different crafting goodness.

Back in September, Daisy over at Two Little Seeds put out a call for anyone wanting to join in with an Autumn swap. Sounded good. This week, we exchanged parcels. Daisy sent the most cute applique tops for the girls, with matching hair bows.

The apple fabric is gorgeous. Each tree has three sweet apple buttons. Daisy has embroidered the place where a branch has been sawn off, on each of the trunks. I love the detail.

Even the little TF has a matching top.

My little monkeys were having far too much fun posing. Not helped by the failing light. I wish I had the nerve to post the photo of them lined up beautifully with their tongues sticking out, but I have to bear in mind that these are the people that will be choosing my retirement home, in years to come. Not the time to embarrass them.

For my part of the swap, I made pumpkin hats for each of the Little Seeds.  Big Seed is 2.5 years old and Little Seed is 1. I used 100% alpaca. It is such a joy to work with.

For previous pumpkin hats, I have knitted a pumpkin leaf. To be honest, although fun to knit, it just didn’t look right on a hat. I opted for a different style leaf, this time. Although it is not botanically correct, it makes a more pleasing hat.

One hat is bigger than the other, but not by much. I decided to knit two leaves for one hat and one leaf for the smaller hat. It should help identify which hat is which. To add to the pumpkin theme, I knitted a curly tendril. This is the first time I’ve knitted one of these. Basically, I cast on 20 stitches. Then I knitted in the front, then the back and then the front again of each stitch. There are then 60 stitches on the needle. Next cast it all off. Results in a curly tendril.

So much easier photographing hats. Mixing bowls and wool tops are much better behaved, but I knew that already. Thank you Daisy for organising a lovely swap. Hope the Little Seeds enjoy wearing their hats.


    1. Thanks Casey. (violins out) I find that if people know I handcraft, they avoid giving handmade gifts, so it is really, really nice when I receive something handmade. Lovely handmade to boot!

    1. I think deep down, we’d all like to wear fun hats. Trying to think of a time when grown-ups can get away with wearing hats like this. I suspect the best bet is to work with small children or on a market stall.

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