Bluebell walk and finished skirts

Every year, about this weekend, we go for our bluebell walk. This is in the wood behind our garden. It is not a big wood, but it is varied and has so much to discover. Each year the slopes are covered in bluebells. Unfortunately, recent “land management” has decreased these areas, but that is another story.

To have large areas of bluebells is one of the tell tale signs that this is an ancient wood. I find its landscape beautiful. It has had a history of mining and railway, which helps to shape it.

There are so many varieties of plants and, of course, a lot of it is in flower now. We could hear the black caps singing, accompanied by the song thrushes, robins and more that all added to the whole experience.

There were ferns unrolling everywhere and grasses sending out yellow pollen as we brushed passed. TF liked these the most.

On top of the leaf litter, AJ found this beetle. We could have spent hours in one spot just counting the different beetles and spiders that we found. It was a lovely walk. I wish I could share the fragrances and the sounds of our walk with you. It was particularly fun for me as this is the first time for eight years that I was not carrying someone, either as a bump or a babe in arms. I found it easier to join in the children’s finds and scramble up banks.

The children were happily exhausted when we got home. I took the chance to finish the skirts that I was making for the girls. This is AJ’s, which had caused me problems…..

….and this one is BL’s.

I added a pocket on the front of BL’s to break up the pattern. I drew round a dinner plate to make the shape of the pocket and also lined it. It was worth the extra time, as the children love pockets. Once AJ saw the pocket, she wanted one. I did intend it to be just one pocket on the front of the skirt, so that it could be used to carry their finds around the garden, but it was more like a kangaroo pouch, which sagged horribly. So I ran a machine line down the middle, to divide the pocket. This also has the advantage that they might not load the pockets up with big bulky finds. I hope.

I added the ric rac as it gave me the chance to machine around the pockets once more to give it added strength. I’m not sure if I have ever added ric rac purely for decorative reasons to anything I’ve made. It is always covering up something. Right, my turn next. Now, what shall I make me…..


  1. I can’t wait to see what you make! The bluebells look great. I want to run through them… How different now you are not carrying anybody! I had my first walk the other day where I dud not even take the carrier ” just in case”. It was a slow walk and we didn’t go very far, but we did bring home a large amount of rocks!

    1. I have the same problem. They all want to bring back interesting objects. Fine if it is a leaf or feather, but for some reason they don’t see rocks as a major haulage challenge.

  2. snails AND bluebells!!!!!! Alrighty…let me know when some real estate comes up in your neighbourhood. My partner is a British Citizen, (no joke)…so, it shouldn’t be a problem!!!
    seriously though, what a delight to see the enchanting countryside…love the skirts too…I’ve always wanted to have enough patience to make a skirt for Ruby, (however, I have been known to be a bit of a “rushed” seamstress…pins have never entered my sewing vocabulary)!! A lovely post!

    1. I do count my blessings. Its lovely to be able to step out of our door and walk straight into beautiful countryside. I cannot imagine living in a place where the seasons are not so well defined. I’d say that skirts are practically the easiest and quickest piece of clothing that you can make. That’s not including accessorizes. Might be an idea to master the method of pinning first!

    1. Hope you have a lovely time. I love standing in the middle of the bluebells. I think this year we will have a second visit. Happy times.

  3. The wood looks beautiful and your flower pictures are lovely. The girls skirts are great, the pockets are a good idea just make sure they are empty before you wash them!

  4. Oooh I love bluebell woods..reminds of walks with my Grandad when I was very young and I’d pick great armfuls of them!
    The skirts are so cute!
    I might have to try something similar for Evie.
    Have a lovely week.
    Em xx

  5. So…I got my fall bulb catalogue today…and thanks to you we are putting in a bluebell order!!! Keith said they do remind him of his childhood in England…we may not grow a fields worth, but I MUST have bluebells now!!!
    Thank you for inspiring!!

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